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Midnight Raven Studios

Healer Hair Clip

Healer Hair Clip

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Healers are driven to help others and are extremely altruistic. They are often very bubbly and come across as if they are always happy. They can almost always put those around them in a good mood. Healers are extremely emotional, as they wear their heart on their sleeves. When they are bright and happy everyone knows it. When they are upset, however, it consumes them, their decisions and everyone around them. Healers are very emotional but also very warm, compassionate and caring. They live to heal.

Discover the power of your archetype through the archetype basic bracelets. Each bracelet is created specifically with your personality and your aesthetic in mind. Designed as a wearable affirmation and a touch stone to your identity to keep you feeling empowered on a day to day basis.


Violet Aqua Quartz - Calming + Intuition

Rose Aura Quartz - Self Love


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Midnight Raven Studios is a modern lifestyle brand and shop dedicated to bringing you grounded witchery and guiding you to tap into your personal power through Archetypeology. We combine the principles of folk magick with positive psychology to bring you a fresh system of magick sans cultural appropriation for self improvement with a magickal twist.