Bold, imaginative, and curious. The rebel is a free thinker with a nack to change the way things are. They typically have a strong sense and value for justice. The rebel tends to take a lot of joy in being the underdog and pursuing the unconventional.

Archetype Family

Guardians are natural advocates. They speak up where other people are unable to. Guardians magic is in their words and their communication.

Current Journey

How can I express my rebellion mindfully and productively instead of reacting soley with the purpose of being rebellious?


I have the innate ability to break down the barriers that restrict the human spirit.

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Crystals Allies

Snowflake Obsidian – Creativity, unconventionality, change

Black Obsidian – Clarity of thought, Intuition, grounding

Carnelian – Confidence, Conviction

Red Jasper – Strength, passion

Plant Allies

Tobacco – Protection, Magic, Change

Basil – Wishes

Mint – Balance, Warmth, Virtue

Sage – Cleansing

Jasmine - Grace, Self Love

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