The Warrior is very physical in nature. They are natural born leaders and have a great deal of passion inside them. They find it easy and natural to communicate with others and typically give a very good first impression as they are extremely charismatic. They could also come off a little bit bold and blunt.

Archetype Family

The Guardian – Guardians are natural advocates. They speak up where other people are unable to. Guardians magic is in their words and their communication.

Current Journey

How can I explore my strengths while also understanding where my limitations are without judgement?


I am strong and protective. I have the magic to make others feel safe and secure and my priority is always to my loved ones. I have a big heart and I am Meant to use it for good.

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Crystals Allies

Lava Rock – Strength, Determination

Red Jasper – Confidence, endurance, passion

Tigers Eye – Good Fortune, Stability

Black Obsidian – Grounding

Plant Allies

Basil – Protection

Cinnamon – Warmth, Magic

Cloves – Security, Stability, Warmth

Basil – Wishes

Mint – Balance, Health, Vitality

Sage – Cleansing, Protection

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