Creative, imaginative and free. The Dreamer is free-spirited and a daydreamer. The Dreamer is driven by passion and enjoyment of life. The Dreamer prefers freedom over stability unless they find exactly what they are looking for. They know what they want out of life and Dreamers don’t like to settle for less than what they want.

Archetype Family

The Seeker -The seekers are marked by their innate curiosity for the world. They love to explore and share their experiences of the world. Seekers are meant to inspire.

Current Journey

How can I balance my need for freedom and communicate my passion to inspire others and bring joy into the world?

How do I express myself without fear of judgement?


I am full of joy and life that can be contagious and has the power to create joy in the lives of everyone around me.

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Crystals Allies

Rose Quartz – Love, healing

Carnelian – Confidence, energy, strength

White Howlite – Communication, Awareness

Labradorite – Transformation, creativity, joy

Grey Agate - Soothing

Plant Allies

Cinnamon  – Warmth, Joy, Comfort

Orange – Passion

Wildflowers – Creativity

Lavender – Calming and focus

Patchouli – Magic, CreationAmber – Warmth

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