Archetypology is the basis of everything we do and everything we create. Our founding philosophy if you will. Archetypology is a system of magick infused with positive psychology with a focus on the journey to finding personal power. 

 According to positive psychology the more in touch you are with your sense of identitiy, the more fulfilled you are likely to feel. We create products and experiences to help you do just that. 


Each Archetype product is designed to help you tap into your own inner magick and work with your emotional needs. 

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Our Head Witch

From a very young age I have been fascinated with crystals and stones. I remember growing up going on long walks with my dad and collecting stones as we went along. I would come back home and give a purpose to each of my new rock friends. Little did I know that this would later spark my interest in crystal healing eventually leading me to get my crystal healing certification. 


As I got older I began to really struggle with loneliness, anxiety and the nagging feeling of “I’m not good enough.” I was always an outsider and really struggled to find a sense of community anywhere. In an effort to combat these feelings I turned to beloved crystals however without proper coping mechanisms or a sense of purpose in the world crystals could only help so much. 


Archetypology is the system I built in order to create a wellness plan for myself while also working with my natural attraction to Magick and Witchery. My goal it to help you discover your power and purpose while also having a sense of fun and humour on your journey.  

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    Bowmanville Apple Fest - October 15th

    Ghostwoods Market Toronto - October 22

    Flamingo Market Toronto - October 23

    Witch and Wellness Kitchener - October 28

    Witches Veil Night Market London - October 30

    One of a Kind Show Toronto - Novemeber 24 through December 4