Welcome to Your New Deck

Welcome to the Midnight Star Oracle Deck! Midnight Star was designed as a tool to guide you on your intuitive journey. There are four different kinds of cards in the deck: Diety Cards, Affirmation Cards, Archetype Cards and Planet Cards. Each different type of card has a different type of energy as well.

Card Type

Diety Cards - Diety cards (or goddess cards) are a message from the universe that you need to hear in this moment.

Archetype Cards - Archetype cards refer to the energy that you need to embody in this moment

Affirmation Cards - Affirmation cards are general energy/message cards

Planetary Cards - The energies that are occuring around you in the moment

Connecting with Your Deck

Building a relationship with your deck is essential. There are a few ways you can do this however I recommend the following:

  • Set an intention with your deck. What are you using it for? What feeling do you want to get while using your deck? Set this intention and then hold your deck while meditaiting and holding this intention in your mind
  • Sleep with your new deck under your pillow to bond with its energy
  • Interview your new deck. Pull a few cards asking what the energy of your deck is like and how it can best be used.